Histoire de l'Andina

The story of the L'Andina boutique began in July 2018. It is the fruit of my interest in fashion and my love for my country of origin, Peru. 

Arrived in Soustons 6 years ago, I did everything I could to integrate quickly into French culture and life. It was not easy at the beginning but I quickly adapted and integrated. I learned French in a specialized center in Bayonne then I obtained my diploma in order to be able to integrate professionally and open my own shop in Soustons. This is how L'Andina Boutique was borned Andina. A shop in my image, with a great diversity of products from different cultures. 

Located at the entrance to the town of Soustons in the Landes- France, the Andina boutique is a unique concept. The Andina boutique offers eco-development products, handcrafted from Peru, original sculptures from Zimbabwe, jewelry, fashion accessories and ready-to-wear for men and women of all sizes (from 36 to 60).

Fashion without borders is the spirit of the store. It will make you travel around the world. The mix of cultures the mix of cultures will awaken your curiosity and interest . Ready to travel and discover new cultures? 

Find all the products from my shop now on our website Andina : ready-to-wear, crafts from Peru, decoration, jewelry and fashion accessories. My shop no longer has borders!

welcome !